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To access any of our programs or services you must first register with us.

Are you outside Canada?

If yes, visit: www.novascotiastart.ca

Are you in Nova Scotia?

If yes, call ISANS to make an appointment:

If you live in the Halifax area, call (902)423-3607

If you live elsewhere in Nova Scotia call: 1-866-431-6472

What happens next?

During your first appointment an Intake Worker will:

  • welcome and register you
  • provide settlement information
  • discuss your needs for settlement
  • develop a plan with you
  • refer you to programs and services at ISANS and in the community
  • sign you up for the Introduction to Nova Scotia program

Discuss your language needs: English Language Testing. After you register with ISANS, if you need language training, we can help you make an appointment with a Language Assessment service to assess your language skills.

Decide which programs are best for you!

We look forward to meeting with you!

Call 902-423-3607 to make an appointment

Meet with an intake worker

Discuss your language and settlement needs

Decide which programs are best for you!