The Mentoring Partnership

It’s National Volunteer Week, and we want to take a moment to tell you more about one of our volunteer roles: the Professional Mentor. As a mentor, you not only help an new Canadian, you have an opportunity to learn from the relationship and develop your professional skills. You share insight into the Canadian workplace experience for a newcomer, but being a mentor is also about building a partnership with your mentee – a relationship of mutual respect and learning.

Working Together


Quick Guide to Mentoring Activities

Together you can:

  • Review career goals and current job search strategies
  • Review job- specific cover letters and resumes
  • Discuss ways to leverage transferable skills
  • Identify volunteering opportunities
  • Discuss Canadian workplace culture
  • Role-play informational interviews and job interviews
  • Practice telephone screening interviews
  • Find opportunities for job shadowing  and professional projects
  • Attend industry networking events together
  • Find networking opportunities, such as informational interviews with mentor’s team members, colleagues, or industry contacts
  • Identify professional and soft skills development opportunities

You can also download this information in PDF format.

Road Map

For more insight into what is involved when you volunteer as a Professional Mentor, please check out the Mentor Roadmap.

Mentoring is a rewarding experience, personally and professionally. Need more information? Read about Pam’s experience…


For more information about Professional Mentorship please contact:
Ritu Ganju, Mentorship Program Coordinator