Gulrukhsor Sangova: Talking about Tajikistan

Gulrukhsor Sangova is a teacher from Tajikistan who arrived in Canada in 2005 as a refugee. She enrolled in the Community Language Program at ISANS, which has helped her communicate her needs within her new community. Gulrukhsor also took English for Work and Living and learned how to find a job in Nova Scotia. She is thankful for her case worker at ISANS who continues to help her meet the challenges she encounters in Canada and supports her decision making.

My best experience was the first time I presented about my country in English. Because people don’t know about my country, the presentation helped me to show other people who I am.

Gulrukhsor, together with the Afghan community, has done cultural presentations to Military Family Services, and it has been very rewarding. She values being able to share her experiences and express what is most important to her. She has found many people do not know about Tajikistan and has used this opportunity to share and educate, using skills from her teaching background.

Improving her language gives her the ability to contribute to her community. Gulrukhsor wants to go to Nova Scotia Community College to study Continuing Care and work with the elderly. She wants to care for others and make their lives more comfortable, and believes this is a way she can share her skills, talents and experience.