Junhee Choi: Sprouting in a new city

Junhee Choi’s enthusiasm bubbles to the surface in conversation. The owner of “New Sprout,” a yoga and nutrition business, has a busy life full of challenges.  “I have a passion to help people with nutrition, especially pregnant women,” says the mother of a seven-year-old daughter, Dhyana. As a registered holistic … Read more

Bruce Smith: Building our Community

Bruce Smith, Scotiabank’s Staffing and Planning Senior Manager, is considered a champion to new immigrants. In 2012 Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia presented Bruce with the Dick Smyth award recognizing his involvement and commitment. It’s a contribution that continues through his dedication to hiring new immigrants, accommodating the English … Read more

Gokul Baniya: Making a New Life

Being a new arrival without English skills is enough of a challenge for most, but Gokul Baniya is also visually impaired. The Bhutanese native anxiously tells his story through an interpreter. Gokul worked as a cardamom farmer in Bhutan, but because of political unrest left for Nepal over 20 years … Read more

Palestinian family reunited in Halifax

Last week we were part of a happy family reunion through private refugee sponsorship. Omela and her family were awaiting the arrival of her parents and brother whom she had not seen in 11 years. They are Palestinian refugees privately sponsored by the Anglican diocese of Nova Scotia and PEI.

Check out the photos below of their long awaited reunion at Halifax airport…