Min Li

Min Li’s voyage to Nova Scotia from China was different than most new arrivals—she came by car. She and husband, Shiyuan, son Jack, now 10, and daughter Ryann, 3, had lived a short time in Seattle, Washington, and drove across the continent to arrive here in December 2016. Min had … Read more

Samson Woidgberiel

“Uncle Samson, do this. Uncle Samson, do that.” Those are magical words to Samson Woidgberiel, who arrived in Halifax as a refugee in 2016 to live with his sister and her family. She had already been living here for several years and she and her husband and four daughters, from … Read more

Aida Sairawan

When Aida Sairawan arrived in Montreal in February 2016, the Syria native was so captivated by the snow that she played outdoors for three days. It was -35 and despite wearing warm clothing she got sick. “I was excited,” she says, “but I was also scared.” Five years earlier, Aida, … Read more

Amardeep Sharma

When Amardeep Sharma speaks, enthusiasm about his new life in Canada is palpable. Living in Nova Scotia only since December 2016, he has already found a rewarding job as a human resources project coordinator at Delta Halifax hotel. Amardeep came here from Delhi, India, with his wife, Prajjalita, and their … Read more

Ramin Hamiki

“I’m a new graduate with 20 years’ experience!” exclaims Ramin Hakimi, reflecting on his status as a Canadian-accredited dentist. When Ramin arrived here in February 2013, the Iranian-trained dentist declared that within two years he would conquer the roadblocks to practising in Canada. He has succeeded, thanks to ISANS’ Career … Read more

Inna Morgulis: Dream Job

Inna Morgulis has her dream job, happily settled at Capital Health as a research assistant in the cardiology department. “This is my kind of job,” she says, explaining that she likes to work with numbers and computers. Inna came to Canada in 2012 from Israel along with her husband, Alex, … Read more