Looking Back: International Qualifications Recognition (IQR) – A Collaborative Solution

Since the establishment of MISA’s Employment Services Unit in 1998, staff have recognized that clients in regulated occupations face special difficulties. For internationally educated pharmacists, lawyers, architects, physicians, social workers and myriad others, the requirement to become licensed or certified is an enormous challenge. Our excellent pre-employment programs & services … Read more

Looking Back: MISA House

In the year 2000, to meet the urgent needs of single male refugees, a group of MISA staff and community members formed the MISA housing committee. The situation was critical: after their one year of support, many Government Assisted Refugees (GARs) found themselves alone and unprepared for the realities of … Read more

Looking back: Immigrants in Business

Immigrant entrepreneurs have made many contributions to the economy and business community in Nova Scotia. In the early 1990s, the federal Immigrant Entrepreneur Program attracted a large number of applicants to Nova Scotia. Newcomers found their way to MISA, looking for support in understanding the local business environment and establishing … Read more