Successful SupperNova Multitcultural Potluck

The SupperNOVA Multicultural Potluck event was held on October 24 and 300 people attended, including new immigrants and Canadian-born residents in the community. Many community volunteers came to help out, including volunteers from the Bank of Montreal, who sponsored the event.

Everyone enjoyed different cultural dishes and had a chance to get up and learn some African dance. There were many activities for children and adults alike,  including face painting, Wii dancing, colouring, reading and a cultural game using chopsticks.

The committee members were very happy to see people from different cultures interacting and trying different cultural dishes. The committee hopes that through the SupperNOVA event, we can establish meaningful community spaces to build bridges between different cultures and help develop a vibrant community for all.

Please check out the gallery below – photos courtesy of photographer Dan Khan. Thanks Dan!