Spinning Sculptures

Artist: Agne Kubiliute & Children from SupperNOVA, February 28, 2015.IMG_6157

Artist Agne Kubiliute was asked by ISANS to work with guests at SupperNOVA to take a deeper look into the meaning of SupperNOVA and the Halifax immigrant experience.

Agne worked with children and their parents to build the foundations for this sculpture. Each person built a pyramid from wooden pieces, plastic tubing and ‘zap straps’. Participants then shared their immigrant story by drawing significant items, shapes, places, people, and words on white paper to create their own artistic representation of their new home in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Many children wrote their names on their work.

Agne took all of the magnificent handmade pyramids, attached the paper drawings and assembled the pieces together to hang in the atrium at ISANS. Agne sees many connections between the art pieces and the immigrant experience in Halifax:

  • Each individual pyramid is a representation of each artistic creator and a member of the Halifax Immigrant Community.
  • The sculptures have many faces; like the multifaceted immigrant community of Halifax.
  • The sculpture is steady and solid; symbolic of the positive and collaborative immigrant communities that work together and to Halifax homes.
  • The sculpture spins in the atrium; symbolic of the flexibility and playfulness of individuals and communities.
  • As you will see, some of the triangles in the sculptures are empty. This empty space leaves room for future generations to further explore and express their community and culture.