ISANS Recognizes Exceptional Nova Scotia Employers

On Tuesday, April 5, at Ashburn Golf Club, we held a recognition event to honour over 100 exceptional Nova Scotia employers who assisted Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia, immigrant professionals and job seekers in 2010 – 2011.

The event included speeches by Joe Malek, Chair, Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia Board; Leonard Preyra, MLA, Halifax Citadel-Sable Island; Brenda Rowe, Recruitment Manager of Air Canada Jazz Aviation; and Anisa Awad, an Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia client.

Ms. Awad came to Halifax from Dubai in December 2010 with a degree in Mass Communication and Advertising. An Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia  Employment Specialist helped her to build her resume and target relevant organizations. Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia arranged for her to have a mentor from Impact Communication and to do a 6 week work placement there. “The work placement and the mentorship programs offered by Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia are both beneficial ways that helped me as a newcomer to Nova Scotia better understand the nature of the advertising industry in Halifax”, says Ms. Awad. “I strongly advise new immigrants to explore those programs to enhance their understanding of their respective industries in Canada.”

Almost 400 newcomers have participated in Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia Employment Support Programs over the past year. The 100+ organizations that have supported these programs include private, public and voluntary sector, large corporations to SMEs. In many cases, several people from one organization are involved.  “The contribution of our employer partners is essential to the success of Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia employment programs, and ultimately to the effective workforce integration of newcomers to our province,” says Jan Sheppard Kutcher, Manager, Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia Employment Services & Workforce Integration.

Programs such as the Work Placement, Mentorship, Practice Interview, Employer Advisory Committee, and Career Access Fund actively support skilled immigrants’ quest to enter the workforce in their fields, and in positions commensurate with their skills and qualifications. Each of these programs involves the active participation of employers from across the province and this engagement is essential to their success. Connecting potential employers with skilled immigrant clients results in effective economic integration for the immigrant, and access to a wonderful new talent pool for the employer. It’s a win/win!

Bruce Tawse, Acting Vice President, NSCC, is a practice interviewer with Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia. In his words, “I am amazed at the talent, professionalism and dedication of the people I have the pleasure of meeting through the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia Practice Interview program. Every client helps me learn more about the incredible potential we have in our province and through the interviews I have been able to acquire a stronger appreciation of how to conduct interviews and be a better coach.  These clients are building communication skills that will help them become a full participant in Nova Scotia’s workforce and their experience will be a much-needed and welcome addition to their adopted province.”

Robert Jaros of Radio Canada International covered the event for his story “Helping Newcomers Find Jobs Helps Employers’ Bottom Line”. You can listen to the story on their website:

Check out the gallery below from our Employer Recognition Event!