Provincial Government Immigration Announcements

Photo by Jennifer Henderson/CBC
Photo by Jennifer Henderson/CBC

Yesterday the Government of Nova Scotia made two announcements about immigration:

The Creation of the Premier’s Immigration Advisory Council

The Premier announced that Wadih Fares and Colin Dodds will be joint chairs of the council. Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia is very pleased with this announcement. These two leaders in our community have been champions of immigration and we have confidence that they will provide vision and help create a plan for attracting, integrating and retaining more immigrants to Nova Scotia.

Enhanced Services for Immigrants in Rural Areas

novascotia_mapThe provincial government will support enhanced services for immigrants in rural areas, through Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia’ rural offices, our distance and online services, the YMCA’s existing network and the Career Centres network. The goal is to maximize the use of all services in the community and the details are to be worked out.

Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia’ offices in Truro, Sydney, Kentville and Bridgewater will continue to provide services. We will work with the YMCA and Career Centres to strengthen the referral processes and we will likely have a greater emphasis on employer engagement.

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CTV News interviewed Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia client Abhilasha Prasad about the announcement. You can watch the clip, it begins at the 11:10 minute mark of this video.