Launch of Nova Scotia Community Interpreting Resource Handbook

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-11-30-37-amWe are pleased to announce the launch of our new Nova Scotia Community Interpreting Resource Handbook. This resource was developed by Merek Jagielski, ISANS Coordinator of Translation & Interpretation Services, with support from many partners and stakeholders in the community interpreting field in Nova Scotia, including: Nova Scotia Coalition on Community Interpreting, Association of Translators and Interpreters of Nova Scotia, Association of Community Interpreters in Nova Scotia, many organizations providing interpreting services, like Nova Scotia Health Authority, IWK, Nova Scotia Interpreting Services (NSIS), Department of Justice, as well as senior ISANS affiliated interpreters and ISANS staff.


The ability to communicate, to understand and to be understood is one of the most essential elements in being able to navigate the world around us. For immigrants who arrive in Canada, the challenge of settling and integrating into the community becomes even more daunting and stressful if they cannot speak either official language.

A critical link in making the settlement process easier is having access to a skilled, sensitive and competent interpreter during the initial period of adjustment. Without this support, making sense of a strange environment and dealing with the myriad of details, services and bureaucracy involved in starting a new life in Canada would be next to impossible. The interpreter is key to a newcomer being able to successfully navigate the system in Canada.

ISANS recognizes the value and importance of the interpreter as a vital member of the settlement team and is committed to ensuring that each volunteer receives the training and support they need to be the best interpreter they can be. This Handbook is an example of that commitment.

The Nova Scotia Community Interpreting Resource Handbook is also a helpful guide for service providers and professionals. It breaks down the interpretation experience into components with useful tips and protocols to ensure communication is clear, and that the experience is positive and successful for newcomers, service providers and interpreters.

Understanding the interpretation process and the different roles involved enhances the ease and effectiveness of communication. We have no doubt that you will find the Nova Scotia Community Interpreting Resource Handbook an invaluable resource and hope that it will contribute to your confidence and comfort in working with newcomers.


Download a PDF of the Nova Scotia Community Interpreting Resource Handbook here.