ISANS served nearly 5000 clients in 2016

By Heather Laura Clarke, Chronicle Herald, 19 June 2017.  It has been a busy year for ISANS and they couldn’t be happier — more work for them means more immigrants are making their home here in the province.

ISANS executive director Gerry Mills says ISANS has continued to grow after their nomination for a Now! Nova Scotia Good News Award.

Nova Scotia had a huge influx of immigrants last year — blowing previous years’ stats out of the water — and that included welcoming about 1,200 Syrian refugees.

In response, Mills says, ISANS launched a new site to promote their expansion of language services. They’ve also been busy developing new employment bridging programs to support the needs of the increased number of refugees the province received in 2016.

By the numbers, ISANS has had an incredibly successful year. They served 4,972 clients (1,969 refugees), their business development team helped immigrants open 109 new businesses, their employment services team helped 768 immigrants secure employment, and their language services team provide language training to 1,249 clients.

ISANS also met with more than 300 stakeholders to develop a new strategic plan, and Mills says the future looks bright.

“ISANS will continue to provide programs and services to help immigrants build a future in Nova Scotia,” says Mills. “We will empower immigrants, engage partners and the community, value and support our staff, and champion a more welcoming and inclusive province.”

It’s always honourable work, and Mills says the ISANS team is looking forward to continuing to provide services to all immigrants who land in Nova Scotia.

“We see challenges as opportunities to be innovative, develop new programs, respond in other ways and establish new partnerships,” says Mills.