Noel Cesar: A Dream Come True

After finishing his Bachelor of Science in Criminology, Noel Cesar needed a steady income. He got a job in a restaurant kitchen and liked it so much that he became a cook. Cooking took him from the Philippines to Dubai, and eventually to work on cruise ships, where he spent 5 years – cooking and traveling the world. Noel eventually found himself discovering the port of Halifax, and returned via the cruise ships several Septembers. He fell in love with the city, and found himself dreaming of living here one day with his wife and two children.

Noel later followed a job offer from Athens Restaurant and 2 years after visiting, applied under the Provincial Nominee Program and made the move to Halifax. His dream was realized when only 10 months later, his wife and children joined him. Noel is grateful to be reunited with his family and happy to call Halifax home.