Gerry Mills, Executive Director of ISANS, to retire

Catherine Woodman, Chair of ISANS’ Board of Directors, has announced that after almost thirty years Gerry Mills, ISANS’ Executive Director, has decided to retire and will be leaving ISANS at the end of March, 2018. Gerry has guided ISANS through significant growth and much change. She is highly respected by staff and partners, both local and nationally. With her deep experience and expertise, Gerry has made a vital and important contribution to immigrant settlement in Nova Scotia and Canada. We thank Gerry for her genuine caring, dedication, hard work and collaborative spirit.

At this moment, ISANS is at an exciting time in its 38-year history. The organization has a strong leadership structure and the momentum that has been built over the last four decades will continue. ISANS enjoys an exceptional level of trust and support from funding partners. Locally and nationally ISANS has a reputation as an innovative leader in immigrant settlement with highly dedicated and professional staff. ISANS has a large and effective network of partners and volunteers who share the commitment to helping immigrants build a future in Nova Scotia.

With this powerful base, and with immigration as a federal and provincial priority, ISANS launched a new strategic plan in June. This credible plan resulted from the work of many and will guide the organization in the next few years.

ISANS’ Board of Directors has set in motion a process to select a new Executive Director has every confidence that under new leadership, guided by the strategic plan, ISANS’ role to help immigrants build a future in Nova Scotia will prosper and grow.