Diversify Your Workforce

Workplace Culture Program

Workplace Culture Program

The Workplace Culture Program helps Nova Scotian employers:

  • better understand the benefits of hiring international talent
  • understand the importance of immigrant experience in the workplace
  • learn methods to improve intercultural competence and retain immigrant employees

For information about Workplace Culture Programs including workshops and presentations please contact:

Paul Pickering    902-406-8693  |  ppickering@isans.ca

Presentation & Activity

Presentations provide an overview of the Workplace Culture Program and immigration to Nova Scotia, with key concepts, poignant videos, and an interactive activity (30-60 minutes).

Cultural Assessment Tools

Organizational: Review leadership, planning, resources, recruitment and retention, accountability, behaviours and beliefs, and plan the next steps for enhancing your workplace environment (1 hour).

Individual or Focus Group: Identify your intercultural knowledge, skills, awareness, attitude, and compassion. Results correspond to the organizational assessment (1 hour).


Benefits of a Diverse Workplace Culture

Raise awareness and get your organization moving! This webinar is engaging, interactive, and practical (2 hours).

Topics covered include:

  • how to enhance your understanding of workplace culture
  • the value immigrants bring to your workplace
  • an overview of the Workplace Culture Program

Leveraging Your Workplace Culture

This webinar explores the question, “What can help make us a more immigrant-friendly workplace?” (2-hours).

Topics include:

  • how to develop an immigrant-friendly workplace
  • six areas for your organization’s development
  • an overview of the Workplace Culture Program

Webinars are free to employers in Nova Scotia.

This webinar is available to employers outside of Nova Scotia for a fee of $99.


Please fill out the registration form here.

On-site Workshops

Designed to help you support the effective retention of immigrant employees, these sessions are interactive and use a skill-building approach (90-minute or half-day sessions available).

  • Building an Intercultural Workplace | For All Staff
    Build awareness, go beyond stereotypes, and understand your role in creating culture. Learn the variety of ways your workplace can benefit from immigrant talent and experience.
  • Intercultural Conflict Resolution | For All Staff
    Develop your conflict resolution skills and real life scenarios to identify the role culture plays in negotiating intercultural conflict. Training and/or experience in conflict resolution is a prerequisite.
  • Making Your Workplace More “Welcoming” | For Managers
    Learn how organizational policies, procedures, onboarding, and unwritten rules can affect the warmth and openness of a workplace. Through practical tips and suggestions, learn how to take action to make your workplace more welcoming.
  • Intercultural Leadership Excellence | For Managers
    Learn how to lead using intercultural initiatives, increase your personal awareness, and learn about intercultural communication through practical and easy-to-implement tips and ideas.


Any of the above topics can be modified for team meetings, working groups, conferences or private consultations. Phone
or Skype meetings are also available.

For information about Workplace Culture Programs including workshops and presentations please contact:

Paul Pickering    902-406-8693  |  ppickering@isans.ca