Dexter Construction Honoured for Leadership Role in Hiring Refugees

Construction Graduation 246ISANS held a ceremony Tuesday, July 7 to acknowledge Dexter Construction for their commitment to training and hiring refugees to Nova Scotia. Since 2013 Dexter Construction has hired 20 immigrants – most of whom are refugees. They have gone above and beyond to create an inclusive workplace and diverse workforce. Nova Scotia Minister of Immigration Lena Diab joined us for the celebration.

In June Dexter Construction received Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Refugee Employment Award. The largest civil contractor in Atlantic Canada, Dexter Construction was recognized for its leadership role in improving the employment outcomes of refugees in Halifax Regional Municipality. Through its collaboration with ISANS Bridge to Construction Program, Dexter Construction has successfully recruited and trained refugees and worked with ISANS on projects like engineering competency assessment and heavy equipment operation.

DexterConstruction 034_smRecipients are nominated for the national CIC award by service provider organizations who have witnessed the success of these employers who bring refugees into the labour market helping them integrate into society and contribute to the Canadian economy.

“Our collaboration with ISANS Bridge to Construction Program has allowed us to build a dedicated and qualified workforce. Dexter is proud of the work that we do in diversifying our workforce and we are looking forward to continuing to work with ISANS  to support the labour market integration of refugees in Nova Scotia.” – Ryan Kidney, Human Resources Director, Dexter Construction

DexterConstruction 032_sm“Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS) is a multi-service immigrant settlement organization that works in partnership with employers in Nova Scotia to help refugees attach to the labor market. ISANS offers targeted bridging programs to assist refugees to prepare for successful integration into the workforce, using the many skills that they bring with them.  ISANS and Dexter Construction have collaborated successfully on a number of refugee employment bridging initiatives and ISANS is delighted that Dexter has been acknowledged for their leadership in this area.”

– Gerry Mills, Director of Operations ISANS