Bruce Smith: Building our Community

Bruce Smith, Scotiabank’s Staffing and Planning Senior Manager, is considered a champion to new immigrants. In 2012 Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia presented Bruce with the Dick Smyth award recognizing his involvement and commitment. It’s a contribution that continues through his dedication to hiring new immigrants, accommodating the English … Read more

Gokul Baniya: Making a New Life

Being a new arrival without English skills is enough of a challenge for most, but Gokul Baniya is also visually impaired. The Bhutanese native anxiously tells his story through an interpreter. Gokul worked as a cardamom farmer in Bhutan, but because of political unrest left for Nepal over 20 years … Read more

Noel Cesar: A Dream Come True

After finishing his Bachelor of Science in Criminology, Noel Cesar needed a steady income. He got a job in a restaurant kitchen and liked it so much that he became a cook. Cooking took him from the Philippines to Dubai, and eventually to work on cruise ships, where he spent … Read more