Rainbow Refugee group helps toward settlement in Nova Scotia

The following article by Kyle DeYoung was published in The Society Record.
The Rainbow Refugee Association of Nova Scotia (RRANS) is a small non-profit dedicated to helping LGBTQ refugees settle in Nova Scotia and highlighting international LGBTQ issues. The group formed in 2011, after noted Ottawa-based activist David Pepper made a stop in Halifax to host a public information
forum as part of a 10-province advocacy tour…

Small Centres, Big Opportunities

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live outside Halifax Regional Municipality? Would there be as much diversity as in a city? Would you find work? Would your business succeed? Would you be part of a community? These are all challenges that newcomers face when moving to … Read more

Remembering Rocky Jones

Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia joins the whole community in expressing its deep sadness in the loss of Rocky Jones, tireless advocate for social justice in Nova Scotia. Rocky will be remembered as an outspoken champion of human and civil rights, an activist, as well as a role model, … Read more

Palestinian family reunited in Halifax

Last week we were part of a happy family reunion through private refugee sponsorship. Omela and her family were awaiting the arrival of her parents and brother whom she had not seen in 11 years. They are Palestinian refugees privately sponsored by the Anglican diocese of Nova Scotia and PEI.

Check out the photos below of their long awaited reunion at Halifax airport…

ECE Centre: First Group Experience for Newcomer Children

The Early Childhood Education (ECE) Centre at ISANS provides care for newcomer children from different countries and backgrounds. Here, children aged 6 months to 5 years are exposed to their first group experience, while their parents attend language and skills classes.

Children from across the world with different languages, culture and experiences arrive at the ECE Centre to share the same language and culture. This is a first for them – everything is new and they have little to no information on what to expect…

Dragon Kings – The challenges of Bhutanese youth in NS

From CBC Maritime Magazine

In 2007 the federal government started bringing over thousands of refugees from U.N-led camps in Nepal.

The refugees are from Bhutan, and they were forced out of that country in the early 1990s, meaning some of them spent their entire lives in the camps until they came to Canada.

In Halifax, about 350 or so Nepali-speaking Bhutanese are quietly settling into the community, but they’re carrying a huge burden, and it’s falling partly on the shoulders of the young people…

Jan Sheppard Kutcher receives Diamond Jubilee Medal

A big congratulations to Jan Sheppard Kutcher who has been recognized for her work at ISANS! Jan is one of 30 recipients chosen to receive the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. Each Member of Parliament was given 30 medals to present to constituents who have made significant contributions to their communities. Megan Leslie will be awarding the medals to the recipients in a ceremony at Government House with the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia J. J. Grant on Tuesday, November 13th…

Signing Our First Sponsorship Application!

We were thrilled to sign our first application for private refugee sponsorship under its new Sponsorship Agreement with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  This Agreement allows Immigrant Settlement & Integration Services, in partnership with ethno-cultural groups, community associations, and faith-based organizations, to sponsor refugees to Nova Scotia.  This has been a … Read more