Domestic Violence Resources

Are you or someone you know a victim of domestic violence? Emergency contacts: Police: 911 Halifax Regional Police Victim Services: 902-490-5300 (Interpretation available) Transition House Association of Nova Scotia: 902-429-7287 Avalon Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner: 902-425-0122 Provincial Victims Services: 1-888-470-0773 RCMP Victim Services: 902-426-1280 Non-emergency contacts: ISANS Specialized Settlement Support … Read more

(Im)migrant Health and Wellness Forum

More than 700 people from 63 countries attended this year’s (Im)migrant Health and Wellness Forum, hosted in partnership by the (Im)migrant Health and Wellness Network and ISANS on Thursday, May 23, 2019 at the Halifax Forum’s Multipurpose Centre. “There was something in the air,” said Zrinka Seles-Vranjes, Coordinator of ISANS … Read more

Syrian refugee family reflects on first two years in Halifax

In many ways, the Al Saieds fit the mould of an average Halifax family. They drive a Toyota. The father, Mohamad, works in construction. His wife, Rouida, works as a cleaner for their condo complex. The kids are in school, with big dreams: 16-year-old Hana wants to be a police officer, journalist and a nurse. To this idea, her older brother Khaled, 20, smiles lovingly. He’s hoping to attend school to become a pilot in the fall.