Building a new life in Halifax: Pooja Kaji

Every child is taught how to face this competitive world by their parents. It gives them a sense of security that if they fall or need any kind of guidance, they have someone to look up to. That’s exactly how I felt when I first got registered with Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia.

Just as every new immigrant, I felt like a new born baby as I landed in Nova Scotia. However, Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia made it a lot easier for me to adapt to the Canadian environment. My credentials include Post Graduate Diploma in Planning and Entrepreneurship – Majoring in Finance and Marketing and Bachelor of Commerce Degree with major in Financial Accounting. With over 3 years of work experience back in India, I always had a dream to work in a bank.

Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia got me introduced to an employment specialist who is not only persevering towards her work but also distinctive. She guided me through the process of preparing my cover letter and resume in a Canadian format. She got me enrolled in the online Job Search Workshop. In this program I learned a number of things such as targeting my resume to a particular job advertisement, exploring various means to identify hidden job opportunities, as well as the process of professional networking.

During this course of workshop I was referred to the Mentorship Program. I wanted to pursue my career in a bank and the mentorship Program coordinator understood my needs and assured me of a match with a bank manager. Finding a perfect mentor for me was not only her motive but she always made sure I had positive approach even after giving only 3 personal interviews from over 50 jobs that I had applied.

She got me introduced to a Branch Manager at TD Bank. After a couple of meetings with my mentor he introduced me to the Customer Service Manager in his branch. I was stunned when I received an email for an interview at TD. I did not expect an interview coming in so soon. During my interview I was told that they had 5 other candidates to interview after which they would select a final candidate as a Customer Service Representative at their branch. I was not worried what the final outcome would be. I felt content that my mentor recognized my talent and gave me this opportunity to get interviewed for the position. In few days I got a call from Customer Service Manager that I was selected. I was speechless and simply could not believe that my dream had turned into reality with support from all at Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia and my Mentor.

A note for all new immigrants: “Finding a job in a new country is difficult but not impossible. As long as Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia is there and has amazing programs and employees, we need not worry. Success is not too far.”

~ Pooja Kaji