At Home in NS – Business Voice Magazine Immigration Issue

The April edition of Business Voice magazine focuses on immigration and the vital role immigration plays in our economy.

At Home in Nova Scotia – starting on page 14 – features ISANS Executive Director Gerry Mills who speaks about immigrant retention and the importance of building communities. Wadih Fares talks about his journey from Lebanon to Halifax, where he has become one of the leading real estate developers in Atlantic Canada, and Tareq Hadad of Peace by Chocolate talks about the welcome his family received in Antigonish from Syria. 

On May 11, Wadih Fares, Tareq Hadhad and Gerry Mills will speak at the Halifax Chamber of Commerce’s Spring Dinner event about their own experiences as immigrants to Nova Scotia. “The idea is to mobilize the business community support immigrants,” says communications consultant Sherie Hodds. The popular event will also feature a welcome by a First Nations elder, says Hodds. “After all, we’re all immigrants.”

Read the entire magazine and get more information on the Chamber Spring Dinner here.