Fang Liu – Specialized Skills

Fang Liu loves Halifax, but her struggle to find employment just might lead her elsewhere. Fang is an analytical chemist with specialized skills in demand in the pharmaceutical industry, and often in medicine and academia. Fang and her husband, Fan Wu, also a chemist, had been working in separate cities … Read more

What If?

Check out this great video made by the Government of Nova Scotia to dispel the myth that Nova Scotia has no jobs, no hope, and that you need leave the province to build a future. The video showcases opportunity, successes and emphasizes what Nova Scotia has to offer.  

Bridge to Construction Graduation

The graduation for the second offering of Bridge to Construction took place on Wednesday, February 12, at Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia. This event celebrated the partnership and collaboration within Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia and the community at large. The Bridge to Construction is a pilot project … Read more

Report of the Nova Scotia Commission on Building Our New Economy

Wednesday, February 12, the Nova Scotia Commission on Building Our New Economy released their report Now or Never. The report is a call to action for Nova Scotians in the face of our current economic and population challenges. The report advocates that immigration is essential to the future of Nova Scotia. You can read the report in its entirety…

Inae Kim: Life in Colour

The impressions of Inae Kim’s life in Nova Scotia can be seen in the vivid colours and contours of her paintings. Images of historic Halifax houses, street scenes and flowers are among a growing collection of beautiful and memorable works of art. The South Korean-born artist moved with her husband … Read more

Minister Announces Funding for Young Immigrant Women Leadership Program

The Young Immigrant Women’s Leadership Project at ISANS is a two year project funded by Status of Women Canada. The project supports young immigrant women in Halifax to develop leadership skills and contribute to the community for positive change.

15 young immigrant women are participating in the project to build their leadership roles in the community…

The Art of Ikebana and Business

Over the last five years, Ferdinand and Miyako Ballesteros have made The Ikebana Shop one of the many captivating spots that makes Quinpool Road such a cosmopolitan adventure for shopping and dining. Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. The shop offers everything ikebana: lessons, workshops, demonstrations, arrangement services … Read more