New Program to Sponsor Refugees

The Blended Visa Office-Referred (VOR) program is designed to resettle refugees to Canada.  Refugees are referred by the UNHCR from abroad, not initiated by private sponsors in Canada.

It is a cost-sharing arrangement between Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and private sponsors.  CIC will provide 6 months of income support to refugees as well as healthcare.

Sponsoring groups commit to providing refugees with basic necessities (e.g. food, housing, clothing, and financial support) for 6 months of their first year in Canada.  Sponsors also provide settlement, integration, moral and emotional support for the duration of the sponsorship period (usually 12 months).

Refugees referred to Canada include the following populations:

  • Iraqis and Iranians in the Middle East
  • Eritreans in Eastern Sudan
  • Burmese in Malaysia
  • Bhutanese in Nepal
  • Colombians in Ecuador

Refugees selected under this initiative have already met eligibility and admissibility criteria, making them travel ready once they have been matched with a sponsor in Canada.

If you live in Nova Scotia and would like to sponsor refugees through this program, please contact:

Evelyn Jones