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Translation and Interpretation

Translation & Interpretation Services

Interpretation and Translation services support ISANS clients to allow them to participate in ISANS programs. Our translation and interpretation services provide support for:

  • settlement interpretation
  • health interpretation refugee support
  • translations of written information (info flyers, brochures, handouts, etc.)
  • translations of personal information (identification) documents
  • documentation support needed for settlement in Nova Scotia (confirmation of identity, affidavits or statutory declarations, etc.)

Settlement and Health Interpretation

ISANS service interpreters help clients and staff to communicate with each other while delivering and receiving ISANS settlement services. Our settlement interpreters also provide language interpretation support for refugee clients in ISANS care for some medical appointments held outside hospital settings.

Translations of Written Information

ISANS can translate short, personal written information/documents for newcomers that are needed for settlement, employment, education or obtaining documents in Nova Scotia. We translate written information/documents for commonly spoken newcomer languages in Nova Scotia including:

  • Certificates and records of birth, marriage, death or family registry status
  • Driving licenses and driving records,
  • High school, college, university diplomas and educational certificates
  • Employment records and vocational training certificates
  • Professional licensure and membership cards
  • Identification cards and related documents


  • You must register with ISANS prior to receiving and processing documents for translation
  • You must contact ISANS Translation Services staff before sending any documents by mail or email
  • Translation Services staff determine if your documents qualify for translation (and when advised by staff, please e-mail the documents as a PDF file for an initial assessment)
  • If you want to bring documents for translation on behalf of another person we require a signed note of authorization from that person and prior consultation with our Translation Services staff

If you have already spoken to the Translations Service staff and have been advised on how to proceed with a payment, you can use the PayPal option below.

Pay by PayPal

Translation Services: Short Birth Certificate, Driver’s License, School/University Diploma, Identification Card - $30


Translation Services: Longer Birth Record, Marriage Certificate, Family Record, Employment Record, Training Certificate, Criminal Record, Other ID Document - $40


Translation Services: Family Registry Record, Detailed Driving Record, School Transcripts - $50


Translation Services: Marriage Contract - $60