English at the Kitchen Table

By Crystal MacMillan, TESL NS Newsletter, 2 May 2017. With the small hands of toddlers grabbing at pencil and paper, a baby crying in the lap, and a senior family member in need of help, a young mother studying English at home certainly has her struggles. The learning environment is … Read more

The Challenges of English in the Workplace

Nova Scotians are outgoing and friendly and love to make small talk at work, but what if you come from a country where this isn’t the norm? What about technical jargon and expressions that you don’t understand? You feel like a fish out of water!

Choosing to move and then adapting to life in a new country is challenging. Finding employment, housing, and establishing yourself in a community are just a few of the first big considerations you face upon arrival. When you find work, there are more challenges still – you need to adapt to a new business culture, learn the workplace etiquette, and adjust to the job specific language.

Language issues and misunderstanding social cues can affect your self confidence – even if you have years of experience in your field. Support is essential to all immigrants, regardless of their language abilities. In fact, most of the time language is not the major stumbling block…